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THE STAFF AT Impact Vision Therapy

DSC 1659Our dedicated team of therapists, and staff work together to comprehensively test, diagnose, and treat each person in a patient first, patient friendly environment. At Impact Vision Therapy, we work one-on-one with each patient. Our highly customized therapy programs produce results that unlock each person’s fullest potential.

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Christy Milks

Christy Milks is our Lead Vision Therapist in Colorado Springs and in Castle Pines. Christy came to Impact Vision Therapy with a legal background. When her son was diagnosed in 2nd grade with eye teaming issues, it changed both his life and hers. He went through vision therapy and he became a different child at school and at home. He was below grade level in reading before vision therapy and by the end of 3rd grade he was at grade level and thriving in the classroom. He had been labeled extremely shy at school, but after therapy he became a much more confident student and it showed in class. Christy was excited to switch careers and immerse herself into a field which means so much to her and her family. Christy obtained her certification in vision therapy through COVD in 2018.

“Vision therapy helped my son and I was fascinated by it. Once I started doing this, I knew I didn’t want to do anything else.”

Christy moved to Colorado in 1997 and worked for a small law firm in Colorado Springs for 14 years before coming to Impact Vision. She lives in Monument with her husband and they lead a busy life keeping up with their three children- Phoebe, Owen, and Henry. When Christy isn’t working, she enjoys reading, hiking, and crochet.

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Amanda Snyder

Amanda Snyder is the Patient Care Coordinator in our Colorado Springs office. She came to Impact Vision Therapy in 2016 after working in a private preschool as a teacher and director for 12 years. In early 2016, her youngest son was diagnosed with a Convergence Insufficiency and she became very interested in vision therapy. After seeing the positive improvements in her son’s personal and educational life, she decided to make a career change and join Impact Vision Therapy.

“I really enjoy talking with the families and hearing all the great stories about their kids’ improvements in education as a result of the therapy they receive here”

Amanda was born and raised in Pennsylvania and got her degree in Elementary Education from Lock Haven University. She and her husband moved to Colorado in 2003 and have two boys. They enjoy outdoor activities and traveling together. In her alone time, Amanda enjoys reading, crafting, and baking.

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Nada Watt

Nada Watt is the office manager for both Colorado Springs and Castle Pines locations. She has been with Impact Vision Therapy since January 2020. Before becoming our office manager, she owned and operated her own fabric store for 6 years, adding to her more than 30 years of management experience. When the store closed, she was very excited to be able to join Impact Vision. Working behind the scenes, Nada does her best to help everyone else do their jobs with minimal distractions and enjoys hearing all the success stories.

“I truly appreciate Impact Vision Therapy staff and Dr. Watt’s commitment to patient care. They want to make our patients lives easier and better. To be a part of that is a gift”

Management comes easy for Nada. She has spent 30 years managing her own family of six children and now enjoys family time with her children and their spouses plus the addition of 24 sweet grandchildren. Family is everything to Nada and it takes up most of her free time, but when she has time to herself, she enjoys flower gardening, quilting, sewing, and family history.

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Kim Ashford

Kim Ashford is a Vision Therapist in our Castle Pines office. She started working with Impact Vision Therapy in January 2021 and holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She is also a certified personal trainer. Before coming to Impact, Kim worked as an advocate for survivors of domestic and sexual violence and provided mental health services. This background allows her skills to be utilized in the therapy process, providing motivation as well as empathy for our patients and all their unique needs.

 “I had a patient start pretty hopeless that he could get better. As we progressed, he started to come in more positive, feeling better, and noticeably happier each week. I knew we were making an impact on his life in a big way.”

Kim spends time with her husband and 2 children (and sweet dog, Bonnie) outside of work. She enjoys singing, lifting weights, reading, hiking, and tennis and is surprisingly good at fitting every last dish into the dishwasher. Kim is very proud of her children and their accomplishments as well as her own. 

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Sara McCaslin

Sara McCaslin is our Patient Care Coordinator in the Castle Pines office. She started working with Impact Vision Therapy in July 2021, but before that she focused on being a mom and volunteer as well as a travel planner. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Speech, Language, and Hearing Science from Minnesota State University- Moorhead. But if she could do anything in life and still earn money, she would be a beach bum. Sara enjoys interacting with our patients and their families. Helping them feel welcome in our office and being part of the changes and improvements they make is very rewarding.

“I love that our goal is to help patients become the best version of themselves; helping patients and families overcome obstacles they didn’t think could be solved.”

Sara likes to spend her time outside of the office with family and friends, watching sports (especially football & hockey), and listening to podcasts. She is an empty nester with her husband and dog, Bailey and is very proud of her adult daughter and her accomplishments. 

Ann Aho

Ann Aho

Ann Aho is a Vision Therapist in our Castle Pines office; she started working with Impact Vision Therapy in July 2021. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies, plus a minor in Sociology. Before coming to Impact, Ann worked in several family service and advocacy focused careers. Her education and previous job experience has prepared her to work well with patients and their families through good communication and compassion.  The caring support, and encouragement Ann displays because of her previous experiences lends itself well to being a great vision therapist. She chose  to become a vision therapist after realizing the difference vision therapy can have on the patient’s lives.

“I love watching my patients make progress throughout the therapy process. It is amazing to be part of the team that works with our patients to help them improve their vision and feel better.”

In her free time, Ann enjoys reading, gardening, hiking, and paddleboarding with family and friends. She and her husband have three children and a Springer Spaniel named Bandit that loves going on walks. 

Tiffiny Mays

Tiffiny Mays

Tiffiny Mays is a Vision Therapist in our Colorado Springs office; she started working with Impact Vision Therapy in ­­September 2021. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Colorado State University. She came to us, after working for her husband and enjoying her time as a mom. Because of her experience with her son’s vision therapy, she chose to become a vision therapist after realizing the difference vision therapy can have on the patient’s lives.

"I love that Impact Vision Therapy is able to help people who have tried so many  other things and don't know what else to try. I love my job when patients start improvement and start feeling better."

Tiffiny enjoys spending time with her family- husband John, and kids, Logan, Brooke, and Lexi. She also appreciates hiking, working out, reading, and traveling. If she could do anything it would be to travel the world- hiking and eating good food

Roberta Lockwood

Roberta Lockwood

Roberta Lockwood is a Vision Therapist in our Colorado Springs office and also serves as our Office Liaison; She started working with Impact Vision Therapy in October 2021. Before coming to Impact, Roberta worked as an optometric technician for over 10 years. Combine this with her education major and being a former cheerleader, and you get one of our most positive and happy employees. To her, being a vision therapist is about stepping out of a mainstream career and changing lives! One of her favorite parts of the job is receiving handwritten thank you notes and original artwork from her patients -young and old.

“I am most proud of the support we offer our patients outside of the office. We offer online exercises and activities to reinforce the work we do during our sessions and we offer a support group to our most vulnerable patients who are recovering from TBIs and concussions. It feels so good to be a part of someone’s team as they learn and grow through vision therapy.”          

In her free time, Roberta enjoys travel and cooking. She and her husband, Sean, of 26 years have three daughters- Lauren, Avae, and Piper.

Lee Cutrer

Lee Cutrer is a Vision Therapist in our Colorado Springs office; she started working with Impact Vision Therapy in June 2023. She attended the University of Alaska and PIMA Medical and has COA, AAS, AS, and AA credentials! Before coming to Impact, Lee worked as an ophthalmic technician doing diagnostic testing for ocular diseases. She is great with communication and finds it easy to relate to people.

“I enjoy building personable relationships with patients and having a more direct role in patient care and treatment.”

Outside of work, Lee enjoys golfing and hiking. She is married to her husband, Ray, and they have 4 children- Haley, Hannah, Harper, and Jacob. She enjoys spending time with them as well as her parents, and dogs, Binnie and Adora. She is most proud of being able to raise her family though her husband’s six deployments.

Paul Browning

Paul Browning is a Vision Therapist in our Colorado Springs office; he started working with Impact Vision Therapy in ­­September 2022. He holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from CSU Pueblo, but before coming to work for us, Paul was a professional football player in the NFL. Having this background, Paul is great at motivating people- encouraging them to accomplish goals and never, ever quit on themselves. In addition to seeing regular vision therapy patients, Paul also works with our sports vision program.

 “I love to help people, and this is a career where you can really see the results of the effort you put into helping others overcome their obstacles.”

Paul enjoys spending time with his lovely wife and their dogs, going to the movies, and taking walks. He is most proud of never quitting throughout his life journey and always seeing things through. Paul continues to work in the football world through coaching and training programs. While football is in his veins, the additional dream of traveling and eating good food is there too.


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