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THE STAFF AT Impact Vision Therapy

Our dedicated team of therapists, and staff work together to comprehensively test, diagnose, and treat each person in a patient first, patient friendly environment. At Impact Vision Therapy, we work one-on-one with each patient. Our highly customized therapy programs produce results that unlock each person’s fullest potential.

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Meet Our Team

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Christy Milks COVT

Christy Milks is our Lead Vision Therapist in Colorado Springs and in Castle Pines. Christy came to Impact Vision Therapy with a legal background. When her son was diagnosed in 2nd grade with eye teaming issues, it changed both his life and hers. He went through vision therapy and he became a different child at school and at home. He was below grade level in reading before vision therapy and by the end of 3rd grade he was at grade level and thriving in the classroom. He had been labeled extremely shy at school, but after therapy he became a much more confident student and it showed in class. Christy was excited to switch careers and immerse herself into a field which means so much to her and her family. Christy obtained her certification in vision therapy through COVD in 2018.

“Vision therapy helped my son and I was fascinated by it. Once I started doing this, I knew I didn’t want to do anything else.”

Christy moved to Colorado in 1997 and worked for a small law firm in Colorado Springs for 14 years before coming to Impact Vision. She lives in Monument with her husband and they lead a busy life keeping up with their three children- Phoebe, Owen, and Henry. When Christy isn’t working, she enjoys reading, hiking, and crochet.


Patty Bayman

Patty Bayman is a Vision Therapist in our Colorado Springs office. She has been with Impact Vision Therapy since 2017 and is also a certified personal trainer, Yoga, and Pilates instructor. Patty’s experience as a trainer gives her additional insight on how to connect with people and motivate them to not only do the exercises, but to care about the process and want to better themselves.

“I love every time someone’s life improves! One unforgettable time I witnessed a patient see depth for the first time!”

When Patty is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her dog, Petey, doing the Incline, practicing yoga, and writing. She is most proud of a memoir she wrote about her life with her husband and establishing a memorial scholarship in his name. Along with Patty’s personal passions, she appreciates our continued effort to reach people who need help with their vision- especially those with concussions.


Lori Black

Lori Black is a Vision Therapist in the Colorado Springs office. Lori has been working with Impact Vision Therapy since October 2017 and before that worked as a project manager for a local vision center. Lori has 10 years of optometry experience, but she has also worked with investment properties. While this aspect of her life was interesting, Lori found helping children and adults in healthcare was much more rewarding. She most enjoys working with the children who are struggling in school and have such low self-esteem. The amazing difference with vision therapy, the improvements in school, and the confidence they gain is wonderfully worthwhile.

“Coming from an optometry background, it is so awesome to be involved with helping the patient improve”

When Lori is not working, she enjoys all that Colorado has to offer; hiking, skiing, and camping with her husband, is on top of the list. But Lori also enjoys gardening, baking, decorating, reading, and spending any time she can with her adult daughters. Lori is also the proud mom of two furry children: Emma (a rescue) and Elsie (a Golden-doodle).


Sharon Cacciato

Sharon Cacciato is a Vision Therapist in our Castle Pines office. She came to Impact Vision Therapy in 2017 after working as an adoption and foster care caseworker for 18 years. She also worked as an educational therapist, working specifically with kids and adults with neurological issues. With a master’s degree in clinical counseling and Sharon’s experience, her work with her vision patients comes easy.

“I love helping people see positive changes in their lives and making life easier for them”

Sharon spends her time outside of work watching the volleyball games her daughter plays, traveling with her husband and daughters, and reading non-fiction.


Kathleen Maxie

Robin Graziano

Robin Graziano is a vision therapist in our Colorado Springs and Castle Pines offices. Robin started working with Impact Vision Therapy in January 2020, but before that she worked as a chiropractic assistant and therapist for 25 years. She decided to make the change to vision therapy when she saw an opportunity to have a positive effect on patient’s well-being. She loves working in a field that allows for so much interaction and with her caring personality and patience, it is a great fit.

“I help patients build new pathways for visual skills. Knowing I am making an impact on a patient gives me great satisfaction”

When Robin is not working, she enjoys family time with her husband, daughter, son-in-law, and 2 grandchildren. Also, in her free time you will find Robin hiking, reading, ATV riding, and soap making- a personal accomplishment. She even has a small side business, Spruce Mountain Soap, where she sells her fabulous creations.


Rachel Frost

Rachel Frost is our Brain Injury Patient Advocate and office Technician. She has been with Impact Vision Therapy since December 2018. Rachel came to us with an optometry background and is very excited to be an active participant in the therapy process. As our Brain Injury Patient Advocate Rachel focuses on helping our brain injury patients along their path of recovery. Rachel also host our monthly support group for concussion patients. This group gives patients a sense of belonging, offers them the opportunity to connect with those in similar situations for support and an outlet for frustrations. As a technician, she gets to see patients at the beginning and end of their therapy process and can appreciate the gains they have made.

“It makes me happy to see the changes in patients. The happiness in them is infectious when they have made such great improvements”

When Rachel is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family (both with and without fur), cooking, baking, and traveling. Rachel is most proud of her move to Colorado in 2016 which she did on her own.


Sarah Hardy

Sarah Hardy is our Vision Therapy Administrator. She has been with Impact Vision Therapy since 2016 and is the first point of contact for our patients in Colorado Springs and Castle Pines. Before starting here, Sarah worked with billing at another optometry office in Colorado. She has over 8 years of experience in this field. As a Vision Therapy Administrator, Sarah is an advocate for our patients, making sure they get the help they need within our office. Listening to a patient’s experiences and concerns creates a personal connection that is rewarding; Sarah loves to be a part of each vision therapy journey.

“I really enjoy getting to know all our patients on a personal level. Their stories give great insight into the best way to help them be successful”

Outside of work, Sarah enjoys spending time with her husband, kids, and dogs in the great Colorado outdoors, and traveling. She enjoys cooking, reading, and she has a small flock of chickens that keep her busy daily.


Amanda Snyder

Amanda Snyder is the Patient Care Coordinator in our Colorado Springs office. She came to Impact Vision Therapy in 2016 after working in a private preschool as a teacher and director for 12 years. In early 2016, her youngest son was diagnosed with a Convergence Insufficiency and she became very interested in vision therapy. After seeing the positive improvements in her son’s personal and educational life, she decided to make a career change and join Impact Vision Therapy.

“I really enjoy talking with the families and hearing all the great stories about their kids’ improvements in education as a result of the therapy they receive here”

Amanda was born and raised in Pennsylvania and got her degree in Elementary Education from Lock Haven University. She and her husband moved to Colorado in 2003 and have two boys. They enjoy outdoor activities and traveling together. In her alone time, Amanda enjoys reading, crafting, and baking.


Nancy Nykiel

Nancy Nykiel is our Patient Care Coordinator in our Castle Pines office. Nancy started working for Impact Vision Therapy in October 2016 and does her best to make all our patients and their families feel welcome and comfortable from their first visit. Nancy graduated from Northern Illinois University with a BSN/RN degree. Before coming to Impact Vision, she worked with Pikes Peak Hospice and she balances the same care and attention she used there with our current patients.

“We get to know many of our patients very well because they are with us for so long. They become like family and, just like our real families, we delight in their progress and success."

Nancy and her husband have two sons who are both grown and married. While Nancy’s personal family is her proudest accomplishment, she also enjoys the families she gets to know at work. When she’s not at work, Nancy enjoys hiking, camping, gardening, cooking, and playing with her rescued Lab mix, Duncan.


Nada Watt

Nada Watt is the office manager for both Colorado Springs and Castle Pines locations. She has been with Impact Vision Therapy since January 2020. Before becoming our office manager, she owned and operated her own fabric store for 6 years, adding to her more than 30 years of management experience. When the store closed, she was very excited to be able to join Impact Vision. Working behind the scenes, Nada does her best to help everyone else do their jobs with minimal distractions and enjoys hearing all the success stories.

“I truly appreciate Dr. Watt’s commitment to patient care. He wants to make lives easier and better. To be a part of that is a gift”

Management comes easy for Nada. She has spent 30 years managing her own family of six children and now enjoys family time her children and their spouses plus the addition of 23 sweet grandchildren. Family is everything to Nada and it takes up most of her free time, but when she has time to herself, she enjoys flower gardening, quilting, sewing, and family history.


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