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Welcome to Impact Vision Therapy – Advanced Vision Solutions for Adults and Children in Colorado Springs, CO

Eyesight isn’t only about sharp visual acuity and having 20/20 vision. Even with perfect vision and prescription eyewear, you can still have problems with focusing, processing information, and balance – all skills that support a properly functioning visual system.

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At our Colorado Springs, CO, vision therapy clinic, we custom-design treatments for adults and children. Vision therapy consists of personalized eye exercises and a range of techniques geared to help you enjoy full visual function. For more than seven years, Dr. Joshua Wyatt, our highly qualified optometrist near you at Impact Vision Therapy, has helped patients enhance their perception of the world around them with advanced vision therapy sessions.

Visual Therapy Near Me in Colorado Springs

We invite you to visit us in our Colorado Springs, CO, office, surrounded by limitless outdoor adventures and a lively cultural scene. Soar through mountain views of the Royal Gorge on the country’s highest zip line, chug through the Colorado Rockies on the Royal Gorge Route, stand atop the world on Pikes Peak, and get soaked by the thrilling whitewater rapids of the Arkansas River.

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Our Vision Therapy Services in Colorado Springs, CO

We treat patients of all ages with tailored vision therapy exercises to help treat a variety of problems related to the visual system, and improve:

  • Tracking disorders; individualized vision therapy techniques can help control eye movements
  • Focusing problems; eye exercises and prescription lenses are combined to help reduce overstimulation of the visual system
  • Convergence insufficiency; our optometrist will train you to use your eyes more comfortably and efficiently, diminishing discomfort – such as headaches and blurred vision
  • Amblyopia, or lazy eye; we’ll train you to use both eyes together as a team
  • Eye turn; we can help align your eyes by using prisms, lenses, and customized techniques
  • Visual perceptual problems; proper visual perception relies upon the brain’s correct interpretation of information sent from the visual system, and we’ll help develop the many visual skills related to perception
  • Sports vision; vision therapy can help you upgrade your visual system for clearer sight and faster processing of each sports task

Neuro-optometric Rehabilitation – Treatment After Brain Injury

Neuro-optometric rehabilitation therapy aims to restore and strengthen the visual processing necessary for making sense of the world around you. It is a highly specialized, interdisciplinary field of optometry that embraces the latest techniques to provide rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury, such as a concussion, stroke, or certain diseases that affect the visual system.

We develop visual exercises to help each unique patient, using tools such as lenses and digital aids. Our Colorado Springs, CO, optometrist, Dr. Joshua Wyatt, is professionally trained and experienced in treating patients so they regain the visual skills needed for optimal learning and functioning in everyday life.

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Sports Vision Training – Eye Exercises for Athletes

You need a tip-top visual system to see the ball clearly, accurately judge distances, make the “shot” and avoid fatigue and inconsistent sports performance. Dr. Joshua Wyatt, optometrist near you, can help you sharpen your game with sports vision therapy in Colorado Springs, CO.

The goal of our program is to optimize your visual skills; even if you have exceptional vision, sports vision therapy can enhance your visual processing for faster response times and greater accuracy. To begin, we’ll perform a comprehensive assessment in our eye care clinic to identify your bad habits – so we can design the best vision therapy exercises to boost your sports skills.

1710 Jet Stream Dr, Ste 100
Colorado Springs, CO 80921
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