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Welcome to Impact Vision Therapy – Advanced Vision Solutions for Adults and Children in Castle Pines, CO

If you or your child have trouble seeing clearly, focusing, balancing or processing information, prescription eyewear is not always the answer you need. At our Castle Pines, CO, eye care clinic, we provide personalized vision therapy to help develop and restore full visual function to patients of all ages. Vision therapy involves much more than fitting eyewear for sharp sight, it comprises custom-made exercises to enhance your visual skills and upgrade your enjoyment of life. For over seven years, our highly qualified optometrist, Dr. Joshua Wyatt, has helped patients improve their eye-brain teaming, so they can better perceive the world.

Exterior of Impact Vision Therapy 363 Village Square Ln, Ste 155, Colarado Springs

We’re pleased to be located in Castle Pines, CO, a peaceful community established in 2008, about 20 miles south of Denver. Our eye care center is surrounded by miles of scenic trails and lush golf courses, or you can explore the shops and restaurants of nearby Castle Pines Village Square when you visit Impact Vision Therapy.

Our Vision Therapy Services

Our experienced eye care professionals in Castle Pines, CO, design vision therapy exercises to help with a range of problems related to your visual system. We practice eye therapy to improve:

  • Convergence insufficiency; our optometrist will teach you how to use your eyes more efficiently and comfortably, eliminating symptoms such as headaches and blurred vision.
  • Focusing problems; a combination of visual therapy exercises and prescription lenses can help reduce overstimulation.
  • Tracking difficulties; specially prescribed vision therapy techniques can help you better control eye movements.
  • Eye turn; by using prisms, lenses, and customized techniques, we can treat eye turns, to align your eyes and eliminate the uncomfortable symptoms and visual difficulties it causes.
  • Amblyopia, or lazy eye; we will train you to use both eyes together as a team.
  • Sports vision; visual skills play a major role in the ability to play sports, and vision therapy can help you strengthen your visual system for clearer sight and faster processing of each task.
  • Visual perception; in order for you to have proper visual perception, your brain must correctly interpret information conveyed from the eyes and visual system. A range of ocular skills work together to affect perception, including crisp sight, focusing, tracking, and teaming.
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Neuro-optometric Rehabilitation – Treatment After Brain Injury

Neuro-optometric rehabilitation therapy is a specialized field of optometry that works to restore the visual processing skills that you need to make sense of the world around you. It is a form of interdisciplinary vision therapy that uses the latest techniques to address rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury, such as a concussion, stroke, or certain diseases that can cause devastating visual problems.

We customize visual exercises for each patient and combine them with a progressive variety of advanced lenses and digital aids. Our Castle Pines, CO, optometrist, Dr. Joshua Wyatt, is specially trained and experienced in providing treatments to help patients regain the visual skills they need to learn and function optimally for everyday life.

Sports Vision Training – Eye Exercises for Athletes

Just like you can improve your swing, your shot, your speed and your strength, with practice you can enhance your peripheral vision, depth perception, hand-eye coordination, your ability to accurately judge distance and motion, and more so you can make the “play”, reduce fatigue, and improve inconsistent performance.

Dr. Joshua Wyatt can help you sharpen your game with sports vision therapy in Castle Pines, CO, which works to optimize your visual skills through individualized training sessions for your eyes. Even if you have excellent vision, sports vision therapy can optimize your visual processing so you respond faster and with more accuracy. To get started, we’ll perform a comprehensive assessment in our eye care clinic and design vision therapy exercises to boost your sports skills.

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363 Village Square Ln, Ste 155
Castle Pines, CO 80108
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