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Nada Watt

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Office Manager

Nada Watt is the office manager for both Colorado Springs and Castle Pines locations. She has been with Impact Vision Therapy since January 2020. Before becoming our office manager, she owned and operated her own fabric store for 6 years, adding to her more than 30 years of management experience. When the store closed, she was very excited to be able to join Impact Vision. Working behind the scenes, Nada does her best to help everyone else do their jobs with minimal distractions and enjoys hearing all the success stories.

“I truly appreciate Impact Vision Therapy staff and Dr. Watt’s commitment to patient care. They want to make our patients lives easier and better. To be a part of that is a gift”

Management comes easy for Nada. She has spent 30 years managing her own family of six children and now enjoys family time with her children and their spouses plus the addition of 24 sweet grandchildren. Family is everything to Nada and it takes up most of her free time, but when she has time to herself, she enjoys flower gardening, quilting, sewing, and family history.