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Joseph NChild

Our story started about a year ago when Joseph failed in his vision test at school. He had trouble with them in previous years but I thought it was just his nerves getting the best of him. He has never complained about his vision but I knew it was time to get them checked by a doctor. We took him to our local eye doctor and sure enough, he needed glasses. We took him back after 4 months with the glasses and there was not much improvement so he referred us to Dr. Watt. After a couple of rounds of testing, he was diagnosed with amblyopia in his left eye. I believe he started out with 20/60 in the left eye, but even worse than that, he had virtually no depth perception at all. After about 3 feet, his left eye just stopped working. That was very upsetting and scary to hear. Dr. Watt told us that with therapy he thought he could really make things better. We are now finishing our 8 months of therapy. Joseph has improved 2 lines on the chart to 20/40. But more exciting is that both eyes are now working together and his depth perception has improved dramatically. He will probably always have to wear glasses but his eyes are working together so that gives us hope that they will continue to improve. We would not be where we are if not for Dr. Watt. He does extensive testing to find the problem and then he and his wonderful staff work very hard to make it better. Thank you Dr. Watt! And to his wonderful therapist, Dawn, thank you for all your hard work with Joseph every week. Not only have you made his eyes better, I think you have made his self-confidence better. You are truly a positive person who really cares about your patients. We will miss seeing you every week. Thank you all for everything you have done to help my son.