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I saw Dr. Watt after getting diagnosed with a TBI. I struggled with reading comprehension and eye fatigue. After the therapy, I read faster than I did before my TBI! Thank you to the vision therapist and Dr Watt for helping me recover!
4 days ago
- B. C.
Was able to diagnose problems that other doctors did not find. Impact Vision Therapy help my daughter to see with less difficulty.
1 year ago
- Thrasherdtmwtbr
Dr. Watt is very good at what he does and what he does is amazing. He has made sense of the difficulties that I am currently experiencing after a mother vehicle accident. He and his staff are very friendly, caring and professional. They have a special touch that is hard to find these days.
2 years ago
- Salina L.
This place transformed my life! Thank you for restoring my vision/brain health!
2 years ago
- Zoe A.
We had a great experience at Impact Vision Therapy. Everyone in that office became friends. They really care about your child and getting to know the family. My daughter had Patty as a therapist. And while we are very happy to now be done with therapy, she will be greatly missed by my daughter. She did such a good job with her. My daughter gained depth perception that she never had. I will always refer people to Impact Vision therapy!
2 years ago
- Erin H.
I give Impact Vision Therapy an EXCELLENT review from our family! Our son was tested by Dr. Joshua Watt and he understood where he was coming from, as he learned that he had the same visual deficits when he was in Optometry school. My son was in first grade and I was so thankful that we figured this out early in his life. He has now gone through 3 months of weekly therapy sessions with Ms. Kathleen. He really enjoys the sessions. I'm surprised how he has learned to do the vision therapy almost on his own 5 days a week. He says the words are no longer playing tricks on him and moving on the page. He is no longer screwing up his b's and d's, p's and q's. He is feeling confident in his reading and is enjoying reading!!! Before therapy, we'd have to fight with him to read and there were a lot of tears. I highly suggest getting your child tested if you think they have dyslexia or ADHD. Many times kids like my own are misdiagnosed with these issues. I also have to say that Ms. Nancy, the receptionist is so wonderful and responsive as well! They are a great team and we are FOREVER grateful for them!!!
2 years ago
- nicole s.
Our family cannot say enough good things about Impact Vision Therapy! A few years ago, our now ten year old son, was diagnosed with convergence insufficiency. Going into second grade, he struggled to read and was falling behind. After less than a year of services, he completely caught up academically and grew in confidence. Fast forward to 5th grade and he just scored the second highest score in his class for their beginning of the year reading assessments. The time he spent at IVT has been life altering for him. His little brother started exhibiting the same symptoms, so we called IVT without hesitation. He's now a couple months from finishing up his time here, and is so much more confident in his reading. Both our boys enjoyed every minute of their time at IVT. The staff are friendly, helpful, supportive, and kind, and the office is clean and comfortable. We are so grateful to have found Impact Vision Therapy!
4 years ago
- Kim S.