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Sara Tucker

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Vision Therapist

Sara Tucker is a vision therapist in our Colorado Springs office. She started working with Impact Vision Therapy in January 2021, but before that she worked for 10 years as a recreational therapist in both behavioral health and neurological rehab. She holds degrees in Therapeutic Recreation and Recreation Administration and is a registered yoga instructor. The time at her previous job gave her experience working with patients who had been diagnosed with TBIs, ABIs, and CVAs allowing her to be adaptable and flexible in the way she cares for her patients. Creating an environment that is fun but also purposeful is a goal she is carrying over into her current position. Making the switch to vision therapy has allowed her the opportunity to build individual connections with her patients throughout the therapy process.

 “I look forward to seeing patients find confidence and enjoyment in activities that once were difficult. I’m excited to celebrate their successes and provide motivation when things get hard.”

Sara likes to spend her time outside of the office with her husband and their 3 dogs. Sara loves to volunteer and is passionate about animals. She fosters rescue dogs until they find their forever home while also trying to convince her husband they need more dogs of their own. She also enjoys hiking, yoga, crafting, and playing board games. Sara is most proud of her work during graduate school that allowed her to finish school with no student debt- all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA! Yay Sara!