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Lori Black

Vision Therapist

Lori Black is a Vision Therapist in the Colorado Springs office. Lori has been working with Impact Vision Therapy since October 2017 and before that worked as a project manager for a local vision center. Lori has 10 years of optometry experience, but she has also worked with investment properties. While this aspect of her life was interesting, Lori found helping children and adults in healthcare was much more rewarding. She most enjoys working with the children who are struggling in school and have such low self-esteem. The amazing difference with vision therapy, the improvements in school, and the confidence they gain is wonderfully worthwhile.

“Coming from an optometry background, it is so awesome to be involved with helping the patient improve”

When Lori is not working, she enjoys all that Colorado has to offer; hiking, skiing, and camping with her husband, is on top of the list. But Lori also enjoys gardening, baking, decorating, reading, and spending any time she can with her adult daughters. Lori is also the proud mom of two furry children: Emma (a rescue) and Elsie (a Golden-doodle).