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Before we came to Impact Vision Therapy, Will could only focus on one or two words or numbers on a page. He could not track words on a page because his eyes would literally bounce all over the place. As a home school mom, I couldn’t figure out why he could not look at words for a very long time.

He would look at picture books, but it was obvious that he would literally stare at the pictures. He would bury his nose directly at them and then quickly turn the page. I started putting one word at a time on the chalkboard because that’s all he could handle. He hated flashcards because there were no pictures! In all of his pictures, his eyes were looking anywhere but the camera, and we couldn’t get him to look at it long enough to get a good one.

In Dr. Watt’s tests, he tested at about a 4 ½-year-old, and he was 6 ½ at the time. Will can now look at a first-grade math workbook and focus without help. He likes to draw and looks forward to schoolwork. Because he can focus longer and his eyes track better, we see that he is calmer and less agitated! That is a win for all of us in our home!

Will has truly enjoyed working with Margaret, his therapist, and always loves visiting with Dr. Watt. Our experience has been both successful and enjoyable. - Julie