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Shawna was always a very smart child when she was younger. As she got older she seemed to struggle more and more with school. We tried to get her help at school by they never noticed the “issues” she was having. She was always saying how dumb she was and wouldn’t put her best effort towards anything school related. She was a high schooler struggling with her left and right, adding and subtracting, and reversing her letters and numbers. After starting vision therapy we noticed results after only a couple of visits. Now that she is completely done with therapy she has become the confident and smart girl that she once was. At school her grades are higher than they have ever been. Shawna has discovered a new found love in science because of eye therapy. We are so happy to have our daughter so excited about learning!
- Rebecca

Before I came to vision therapy I was having trouble with constant headaches, with school, reading, sometimes even writing. I had forgotten how to spell most things and I was always switching up letters and numbers. When I went to the store I wasn’t ever able to count change. Now, after vision therapy, I am able to track better when reading. I stopped having headaches, I am now able to count change, and my grades in school have improved overall. Vision therapy helped me realize how smart I actually am. - Shawna