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Melodie could read, but comprehension was poor and recall was a struggle. Reading by listening to others thrilled her, but without pictures to gage from, stories were lost when reading alone. She struggled with b/d and p/q reversals. Spelling she could do as long as it was right after memorization. Once a test was done she didn’t recall at all. It became evident that she was memorizing.

At the end of therapy, the difference is awe-inspiring. She reads on her own for fun. She placed in advanced reading and had to read 6 chapters in one evening with week-long projects and activities on what she read and has excelled. Something I feared she could never accomplish. She is trying to take in everything and is reading several books at once and can recap both stories. Spelling is improved and we have learned a technique that is proving very successful.

I have to say, as I write this it is hard not to cry. The worry for my daughter’s future success was the forefront of us seeking help and to know a year later she has been able to overcome and can now excel is truly a blessing and a joy.-Elizabeth