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Makayla 683×1024Child, Strabismus

A couple of years ago we noticed our daughter’s eye wandering outwards. We asked our optometrist about this at our annual appointment. She thought eye glasses would help the problem and she thought we probably noticed it more when wasn’t paying attention. The problem still wasn’t corrected with lenses, so again we asked at our annual appointment a year later why her eyes weren’t tracking together. She referred us to Impact Vision Therapy for a consultation. We have to admit, we were a little reluctant to drive 2 ½ hours one way, once per week, for 8-12 months to see if Vision Therapy would help, but we realized out daughter’s eyes were important and couldn’t be happier with the results.

Makayala looked forward to her weekly visits because the therapist made the exercises seem like games rather than therapy. The upbeat and positive results inspired Makayla and motivated her for eye homework. The most perplexing question Was, “How was she doing so well in school?” with one dominant eye. Makayla is such a driven and motivated student that she must have figured out ways to make sense of all her schoolwork even with a broken processor.After 6 ½ months, 24 sessions, a total of 6,984 miles driven, 120 hours of drive time for therapy appointments and approximately 1,155 minutes of homework, both eyes are working together ~ priceless! Makaylas’s Mom