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Before vision therapy, one symptom I had was headaches all the time before school or after I got done reading. My vision would go blurry all the time and sometimes everything would go double. After school when I would have a headache, loud sounds would bother me. I would get stressed out very easily. Since vision therapy I haven’t got headaches after school every day. My vision hasn’t gone double and it is easier for me to read and comprehend. I have noticed a BIG change since vision therapy.

Before vision therapy I had a lot of trouble in school. I felt like I couldn’t comprehend in reading. It was hard for me to do my homework after school because of my awful headaches. For a while I thought I just needed glasses. It was more than just my eyes but also my hearing. I got distracted easily in class and couldn’t do my best work. I got frustrated with my work and couldn’t focus. When I started vision therapy I noticed a big difference immediately. I noticed that I was starting to read and comprehend better. Half way through vision therapy my vision stopped going double and my headaches started to fade away. Even when I did get headaches they weren’t as bad and I would only get them like once a week rather than every day. Towards the end of vision therapy all my symptoms had almost gone away and I stopped coming home crying because my head was so bad. I could read without getting distracted easily. In the end of vision therapy all my symptoms have gone away and I can focus better. Vision therapy has helped me so much.