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Thank you so much Dr. Josh Watt and staff!!

It’s amazing what a year can do!  A year ago I was in the process of setting up meetings for my second grader who we had done three years of multiple reading interventions – tutors, computer training, various reading programs, teachers extra time, etc. etc.  All to find out that by the end of her 2nd grade she was reading and comprehending LESS than a kindergartner!!  To clarify – she tested higher as a kindergartner and first grader than she did at the end of second grade – with HOURS of time invested her on a weekly basis.

She had 20/20 vision.  Eye therapy was not my first thought.  But as we began investigating various alternative options (obviously the multitude of traditional therapies were failing us); I called Dr. Watt’s office and they were able to get me in within 2 weeks.  They realized we had a need and make sure to take care of us.  When I called other neurological development programs in the community – it was multitude of months wait – no one would even see us to let us know if that was the path we needed.

Dr. Watt and his testing provided insight into so many aspects of concern.  Our little girl’s eyes were not working together.  One of our tutors came to an appointment with me to review the results.  Dr. Watt treated both of us with tremendous respect, care and concern.  He realizes helping children can be a team effort.  And he values all parts of this team for the kiddo.  We all got to know Dr. Watt – my husband, children, and especially the daughter the therapy was for.  Dr. Watt has even done talks at our school for teachers.  I felt so much support.

Dr. Watt created an individualized therapy plan for our daughter.  During the course of her treatment, Kayla was being monitored by Dr. Watt and the therapists and changes in her homework and therapy at home were constantly being adjusted as needed.

What we saw as parents – within 2 weeks her headaches decreased.  By week 6 – NO HEADACHES!!  I can count on one hand how many headaches we have had in the last 8 months.  I used to have a daughter in tears with daily headaches a year ago.

Willing to pick up books at the library within 8 – 12 weeks.  Her whole approach to books shifted.  She picked them up and looked at them.  NEVER would do that before – well it hurt her eyes.Her CONFIDENCE increased – sure there were tears on occasion after school.  But we could always, always say – you can do this now and you can do that now.  And she would smile and realize how far she had come.  In the classroom her teacher notices a huge difference in how she handles situations and working with others and asking questions in class.

The first 4 months of school she got 100% on all spelling tests.  And since then she has only missed 1 or 2 on a couple of tests.

She wants to work on the computer more – doing typing and math and reading games.  I see her willing to do skills that required vision that I saw her avoid before.

Her math has improved – this is because her eyes are working well together too.

We are so happy with Dr. Watt and Impact Vision therapy.  When we had a concern about our oldest daughter possibly having a blind spot.  He was willing to see her the next day to assist us with what we needed to do.  And he informed us she simply needed contacts because one eye was 20/80.  He treated us fairly, and referred us to the appropriate optometrist.   And he immediately cancelled all our bigger concerns.

Dr. Watt allows for all the kids in the exam room if needed – and that is a plus for any mom.

The staff Dr. Watt hired is great – each therapist is caring and knowledgeable.  So thankful for their weekly insight, patience and visits.  The front desk works hard to develop a schedule that will work for the family to be successful for everyone.

Every penny we spent at Impact Vision Therapy was beyond worth it.  We have a child that will move on to 4th grade without issue.  Her reading has increased over 2 grade levels in 10 months and continues to rapidly improve.  She is a happy giggly confident kid who has a desire to read chapter books and larger books all the time.    Thank you for helping our daughter and family Dr. Watt and Impact Vision!!