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Joey 3As parent’s, we honestly don’t know where to start because of how successful this therapy has been. Joey had been struggling with reading and writing from the very beginning. At first, we thought he was just slow at reading or maybe a little lazy. Not all kids like reading, right? With each new grade level, reading and writing obviously became more of a focus and so did his struggles. We went through the gamut of theories from lazy, dyslexia, attention disorders and anything else we could possibly think of.

We knew it wasn’t an intelligence issue because his verbal and comprehension skills were actually above average. The school was working with us to find some way to help him and after many observations and evaluations, the school social worker suggested Dr. Watt to have Joey tested for possible tracking issues. The consultation after Joey’s testing and evaluation was shocking. To see and understand what Joey was really seeing and to understand why he was struggling was heartbreaking. What was so incredible was the fact that they had a program that could fix this so he wouldn’t have to deal with this issue for the rest of his life.

Dr. Watt and his therapists were great! The knowledge, understanding and compassion that they were able to provide Joey was such a blessing. To observe first hand Joey’s progress in re-training his brain and eyes to work together the way they should has been amazing. To also experience Joey’s change in attitude and confidence towards reading and writing has been more than we could have ever asked for. We had never even heard of tracking issues before let alone truly understanding what Joey was experiencing. We pray that more people are aware of this issue and how it can be corrected. - Sheryl

I think the experience with Dr. Watt and my therapists, Stephanie and Margaret, was difficult but definitely worth it. Before my therapy, if the teacher said “ok we are going to write” all I could think was “oh NO”. I reacted to reading the same way. Both of them made me feel defeated, scared, embarrassed and overwhelmed.The teacher would say “time is up” and I would always be the one not finished. Sometimes I didn’t just feel bad, I felt like it was impossible for me. During my therapy, I started to feel more confident because it was becoming easier for me to read and write but I still got embarrassed because of some of the kids asking why I was using or doing certain things to help me.

Now that I am done with my therapy, I’m amazed at how much it helped. Now I am not scared to read or write. Before my therapy I thought I was a failure. Now, I don’t and I actually kind of enjoy reading and writing. - Joey