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For nearly 50 years I have lived with various issues concerning my eyes: extreme nearsightedness, glasses, contacts, cataracts, dry eye- things that got better when I saw a doctor. In the last 10 years, I sporadically experienced double vision, severe headaches, couldn’t drive safely at night, difficulty merging in traffic (I couldn’t tell which lane the oncoming car was in), often missed that last step of the stairs, and many trips and falls, some even quite injurious. Numerous doctors gave me some relief, but it didn’t last.

When I experienced some traumatic life experiences, including an extremely stressful and active job, my brain finally said ENOUGH! The symptoms became debilitating: constant double vision, severe headaches, exhaustion from lack of sleep, stress, frustration, depression. I was broken. It took hitting bottom to allow me to look “outside the box” for help. An internet search brought me to Impact Vision Therapy. For the first time, a doctor was confident that he could help me GET BETTER! Dr. Watt explained the process of re-teaching by brain and everything made sense. I walked out of that initial visit feeling overwhelming relief that he could help me and didn’t think I was crazy or just OLD.

My therapists, Michelle and Margaret, really understood how difficult it was for me. Their positive attitude helped me through the ups and downs. Not only were they teaching me, but they were also cheering me on with support. I looked forward to my weekly sessions and often, a good dose of laughter. Thank you, so much, ladies!

Vision therapy has given me confidence and independence. I can safely drive longer distances at night, which my husband is very thankful for. I cherish being able to use both eyes at a theatrical performance! I am less stressed and have more energy, which makes me happier and extremely grateful. It is so AMAZING to see depth- the mountains, nature- it is like living in a Magic Picture every day! WOW! Vision therapy was an investment in myself. It is the best thing I have done in my entire life. I look forward to the next 20+ years!