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Abigail and Issac

Abigail 274fb14371d5d02aa04849ebd44e1b31We are a homeschooling family with many children. Our two oldest daughters were proficient readers and learners. Neither one had any trouble learning to read and spent most of their free-time with their noses in books. Why were our next two children hating to do their academic learning and not able to read? Did it have something to do with their eyes? A little background – our second oldest daughter had eye surgery at the age of four because her eyes drifted out. This surgery (by an ophthalmologist) involved cutting the eye muscles and shortening them so her eyes would no longer drift outward. It was a very invasive procedure!

We noticed the same drifting with our two “problem learners”: Isaac and Abigail. We took them to the same ophthalmologist and they were prescribed patching for numerous hours each day. Their eye drifting seemed to improve, but not their reading and learning! So when we weighed our options for Isaac and Abigail we prayerfully decided we would like to try a different approach and opted for Vision Therapy. Vision Therapy involved many hours of traveling to the Impact office and many hours of homework, but it has been worth it!

IsaacIsaac and Abigail’s eyes no longer drift and we have seen tremendous results in their ability to read and learn. I cannot express how exciting it has been to watch our son and daughter (who in the past have fought doing any type of academic work) transform to being excited about getting their academic work done and wanting to read during their free-time. Imagine that! Words cannot express how successful and amazing this therapy has been – it has been incredible! Vision Therapy has provided a way for our children to be able to learn and develop to their full potential. I am beyond thankful! -Abigail and Isaac’s Mom

I liked Vision Therapy and working with Jeralyn. It was fun! I don’t see double anymore and now I can read. -Abigail

Vision Therapy helped me to learn how to read. I hated reading before and now I like it! -Isaac