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I had a car accident that resulted in a double concussion. I became sensitive to light so my husband had to put blankets over all our windows. I couldn’t drive, watch TV, text, work on my computer, listen to music, or talk on the phone. All I could do was lay in the dark, motionless with an extreme headache, nauseated, and dizzy. After a few weeks, I was afraid I would never be able to go back to work or live my life, my normal life, again.

After 6 months of chiropractic care, neuro-feedback therapy and skull therapy, Dr. Chris Castor at Manual Edge advised me to have my vision checked. He referred me to Dr. Tom Wilson, Pine Creek Vision Clinic.

Dr. Wilson tested my eyes and couldn’t believe how off the chart my double vision was. I was thinking, “What?! No wonder I am still so tired and dizzy!” My brain was working so hard to compensate for my weak eyes. I didn’t even realize I was seeing double! The first time I put on my prescribed prism glasses was like I was seeing everything in high definition. That brought some immediate relief. He referred me to Dr. Joshua Watt, Impact Vision Therapy. I came into Dr. Watt’s office still weak while experiencing headaches and dizziness if I did very much. I felt comfortable with him as he combined humor with his expertise telling me the results of the testing he performed. It was so interesting to hear how my brain and eyes needed to build a healthy relationship. I felt hopeful and was ready to begin vision therapy.

Dr. Watt, therapists, and office staff were always so encouraging to me. The therapy was hard work. Sometimes I wondered if I really was getting well. Then when I would have a progress check up with Dr. Watt, I would see the progress I was making each time. This spurred me on to work even harder. It has been 11 months since my accident. I am back at my job doing better than ever. I’m mountain climbing again doing all the things I love to do. I even just got back from taking our grandkids to Disneyworld. My eyes are actually better now than they were before the concussion!

I am so thankful for Dr. Watt’s practice. I truly believe it was the final piece of the puzzle to my concussion healing.