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I love to read, but I would get headaches if I read for any length of time. I discovered I was seeing double because my eyes weren’t working together. I just thought that was the way everyone saw the world. It took a couple of months before I started seeing results, but now I no longer see double or have headaches when I read. I am thankful for the opportunity to improve my vision at Impact Vision Therapy.

Liz loves to read, but in third grade, she started complaining of having a hard time seeing things clearly. We lived out of state at the time and a local optometrist checked her and said her vision was fine. Her concerns continued, and were evaluated when we moved to the Colorado Springs area this summer. At Monument Vision Clinic this fall we had her evaluated again. Her visual acuity was fine, but they noticed her eyes weren’t consistently tracking together, causing her double vision and headaches. They referred us to Dr. Watt at Impact Vision Therapy where he explained his findings and his 7 month plan for Liz. We have been thrilled with the results- no more headaches and double vision. Even at the end of the day, when I’m helping her with her math homework, she only sees one Dad, not the two she would previously see.